All successful entrepreneurs are fearless. Junaid is exactly that. Success has been the most natural outcome of almost all of his ventures as a result of hard work, appetite for risk, integrity, competitiveness, growth-oriented mindset and resourcefulness. It takes oodles of discernment, intense awareness and worthy judgement to identify a feasible business opportunity and analyse how it can be transformed into a high growth business model. Endowed with extremely sensitive perception, Junaid can decipher the potential in solving a problem he experienced himself or reported by someone around him. These insights served to fuel his passion and he laid the foundation of JunaidEco. This unique enterprise puts to work its perceptive powers to dream and craft a vision of any new idea or skill, collaborating with clients in their entrepreneurial journey, in every aspect and help it grow to immense proportion with a small share of profit, The term JunaidEco has two parts, Junaid is the name of the Proprietor and Eco stands for Ecology for which he has a lot of respect and works with a sense of inclusion. Eco also depicts Economy and careful management of available resources. with an adequate amount of care towards Nature.

Collaboration is a strong instrument for all small business owners, regardless of the industry you are in or the type of business you have. JunaidEco aids businesses by the connections it forms with others, and the different ways of collaboration with those people, infusing exponential growth. Fuelled with the urge to open up the markets of niche goods and services to the common man at affordable rates, Junaid comes up with creative strategies and innovation to bring it to fruition.

Every project is a business opportunity and JunaidEco has a strategy in place with its own ingenious concepts.

    Some of JunaidEco Projects
  • Dairy Farm
  • Transports & Logistics
  • Food & Beverages (India & Overseas)

Collaboration is key! Let’s connect and weld!